Sandkasten – Ehrenamtliches Engagement am Campus der TU Braunschweig

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Interesting facts
about events

Add and edit events

Events on the Sandkasten platform are always Sandkasten-related. To create an event, you must be a team member of a project or organization. Events on the platform can only be created if you belong to a project or organization. The event is then displayed in your project or organization view, and of course in the Events module.

You can edit all the content of your event. To do this, log in and go to the event view. You will now see the dashboard and can edit it from there. Other team leaders in your project or organization can also edit the event.

If you do not upload an image, the image of your project or organization will be used automatically.

Reach benefit

When you create your event for a project, all “fans” of the project are automatically notified by e-mail.

We advertise all events that are listed on the platform via our channels (newsletter, social media, etc.). This way you benefit from our reach.

Useful features

Users can express their interest in your event by clicking on the heart symbol. All interested parties will receive an email reminder the day before.

If you still need help for your event - e.g. for setting up and dismantling etc. - you can assign the status "Helpers wanted" at any time. Your request will then be displayed in the event view and for a limited time in the “Assist” module. Users can offer their help with just one click. You will then receive an email and can clarify everything else personally. All helpers will then be listed in the event view, visible only to you, and you can write to them all at once using a contact form.

Tips for organization

Registration of an event on campus

To organize an event on campus, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. We have compiled everything you need to know in a handbook article.

Event locations

If you don't yet know where you can hold your event, then take a look at the “Event locations” module for inspiration. We also have helpful ideas in a handbook article.

Sustainability of your event

Please make sure that your event is as sustainable as possible. We have summarized a few tips in the handbook.

Have fun at your event.


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