Sandkasten – Ehrenamtliches Engagement am Campus der TU Braunschweig

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Together we have
overcome the crisis

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have consistently received inquiries asking for ways to get involved and support

Volunteering with Sandkasten was also possible during the pandemic.

Convince yourself

In a very short time, numerous projects have been launched to provide direct help during the crisis. Even now, some of them are still active and can use your support!


The successful mask project, initiated by the Braunschweig Civic Foundation in cooperation with volunteers from the Sandkasten of the TU Braunschweig and the fabric shop SchickLiesel, have been completed. More than 13,000 masks have been made by volunteers since the end of March and distributed to 160 institutions in Braunschweig, including medical facilities and schools.
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Hey Alter! Old computers for young students

The "Hey Alter" project aims to provide students in need in the region with computers/laptops so that they can all take part in digital lessons. A team of dedicated students and employees of the TU takes care of the preparation of the laptops. We are looking for more helpers!
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Coronavirus shopping aid for the elderly & Vulnerable

Two hundred volunteers were on hand to assist and protect vulnerable shoppers.
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Lending notebooks for refugees

Participants in need of digital language courses at the TU Braunschweig have received second-hand equipment with a 2-year guarantee so that they can continue their courses.
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During the Corona Crisis, we worked with Braunschweig companies to produce reusable face masks for individuals to keep our smiles.
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The Corona Times - Only Good News

In the Corona period there was no good news in the newspapers, so The Corona Times was founded in Braunschweig. They appeared every week on Fridays and spread good news from and for Braunschweig.
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The voucher platform has helped numerous small and medium-sized enterprises in Braunschweig and saved them from economic ruin.
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Art and culture in the schau.fenster! Every week a new shop window in Braunschweig becomes a stage for artists and cultural workers.
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WeCare TU Braunschweig

WeCare is the point of contact for institutions and companies that currently request support from TU Braunschweig. It promotes, networks and at the same time bundles the diverse decentralized offers of assistance and project ideas from the university.

If you have a request for help to the TU Braunschweig (e.g. for support with personnel or infrastructure) or would like to help, follow the link.
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Submit your project idea! Your opportunities to participate!

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