Sandkasten – Ehrenamtliches Engagement am Campus der TU Braunschweig

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Podcast Recording Studio

Produce your own podcast
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The Sandkasten team has set up a podcast recording studio in the StudiHaus at Wendenring 1. All TU members can borrow the key for a few days to record a podcast or similar.



This is a recording studio, however, post-production would need to be conducted elsewhere.

Existing Technology:

  • four dynamic microphones (Shure SM 7B and 57)
  • five closed headphones
  • good room acoustics due to acoustic modules
  • RodeCaster, a mixer for up to four XLR microphones, USB, BlueTooth, mini-jack
  • recording is done on SD card or via USB directly into own DAW

If necessary, additional microphones can be borrowed if there are a few more people to talk to.

We will be happy to give you a brief introduction.

You can also find tips and tricks in our Handbook-article.

Have fun in the recording studio.

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Selection of podcasts recorded there:

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