Sandkasten – Ehrenamtliches Engagement am Campus der TU Braunschweig

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Do you belong to a club, a group, an association or even a collective and would like to get more involved in university life? Sandkasten offers you the opportunity to list yourself as an active organization on the Sandkasten-Platform. Show that you are part of campus life!

Who can register as an organization?

A wide variety of associations or initiatives can register as an organisation and enjoy the benefits it brings.

If you want to present yourself as an organization, then create your organization.

Your benefits as part of the Sandkasten community!

As an active organization, you have the opportunity to create events. If you're planning a cool event and want to expand your reach through the Sandkasten-Platform, you've come to the right place. Create an event and let everyone know about it!

You find a project through Sandkasten that you find convincing and that fits your profile? Then you can assign yourself as an organization to this project and get involved. Just talk to the project team and offer your help!

Just as well, you can also create your own project in the name of your organization and finally realize your ideas on campus. The Sandkasten team will help you, among other things, to speak with the key people, overcome obstacles, and clarify financing. How does it work? Take a look at the handbook or ask the Sandkasten team.

If you need help with something, just post a request to help. The Sandkasten community can contact you and offer their help if you are interested. All helpers will be listed on your organization page, visible only to you. In this way, you can ask them for support if needed.

With our sharing module, you can easily offer items for rent on the Sandkasten-Platform. As an organization, signal your willingness to share. Read how it works.


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